Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Black Soul's Part Two (Fanfiction)

Okay, so I finally chose a name for my fanfiction, and I apoligise for how long it took for me to post this. Hope you like it.. 

I stood there, in the girl's room, frozen. The lamp had smashed, and it had not fallen. SHE had made it explode. She was a sorceror too. And as I looked at her for a second, sitting on her bed, looking slightly small, and weak, there was another smashing sound, except this time it wasn't any lamp. The glass from the window shattered, sprayed razor sharp shards of glass over the room.

I heard the window smash behind me, but for once it actually wasn't me who had smashed it. I whipped around, not knowing what to expect, when a dark mass flew at me, and knocked me off my bed. It was a wild creature, and as its jaws snapped at my throat I realise with a pang of terror that it was a vampyre. I kicked my two feet forward in an attempt to shove it off me, but it just swiped at my face, and I narrowly dodged its claws. I rolled to the left and tried to get up, but and dived on me, and this time its claws found my face and left three long gashes oozing blood. The Vampyre went to drink the blood from my cheek, but the boy who had burst into my room, unsheathed a sword, and slashed open the Vampyres back. It flopped to the ground, dead. I sat up gasping, and cupping my hand against my cheek to try to stem the flow of blood.
"Thank y-you.." I shivered violently, as I was in shock.
He nodded.
I stood in my room, with the glass and smashed lamp and dead vampyre, my knees almost buckling.
"I...I'm Rue. Rue Nightlocke." I said uncertainly, holding out my blood smudged hand.
"Gepard Valk." He stared at my hand for a minute, and then grasped it firmly, despite the blood.

Friday, 19 August 2011

FanFiction Part One

I sat in my chair, back straight, my eyes scanning the library. I worked here. I liked it. It was nice and quite. I had a pounding head-ache, but I was used to it, because of the voices I constantly heard. They never stopped. Always there. But in the library, there were nice voices, children thinking about the fantastical worlds that they read about. Then there was something. Something else. Something dark, and beautiful, but it hurt. The things I could see from this person, whoever they were, were terrible things, of confinment, and hurt, and so much more. I looked around, and quickly spotted the source of it. A boy who looked around fourteen, the same age as me. He had thick black hair, that stuck out in all directions. After a few minutes of pondering over books, he left the library. Then at six o clock, I went home to my apartment, with my head phones in, playing rock music on full volume. This is how I block out the voices. When I am in a crowded area, it is just un-bearable.

I dreaded going to sleep. Every night I try to keep myself awake by reading, or drawing, but nothing works. And as I climb into my bed, I know that I face a night of horrors ahead, but I cannot denie the exhaustion that is overcoming me. Slowly, my eyelids become heavier, and I can't fight it much longer, and so I fall into the warm, dark arms of sleep...

I was in a dark room, huddled in the corner, and shivering uncontrolebly. And suddenly, a door from no were opened, spilling light into the room. A dark sillouhette throough a shadow across the room. His eyes glowed red in the darkness. I knew what followed. I had had to expierence this dream so many times before. He would bring my family in, and make me watch them die, as he slowly killed them, and I would be screaming. My skin felt like it was on fire. In my bed, I tossed and turned, and I would unintenionally rake my nails along my arms, causiing them to bleed heavily. And then there was the screaming. Every night I would scream my throat raw, in fear and pain. This continued for hours almost every night. My name is Rue Nightlocke, and I live like this.

Gepard Valk sat alone in his apartment. He was wide awake, and very alert. His enemys often thought it wise to try to sneak into his apartment. They were wrong.
He sat on his bed, and thought. Thought of all the things his family had never told him, of everything he had wanted to say, but will never get the chance. He shook his head, his black hair that seemed to defy gravity flying about, telling himself to get over it, but he knew inside himself, that he would never really get over it. And that was when he heard it. The screaming. Suddenly he was up on his feet, and had grabbed his sword. He ran out of his apartment, his heart banging in his chest. The sound was coming from a room down the hall. The screaming went on and on, until Gepard was standing right in front of the door, his feet making no sound at all. He looked uncertainly at it, and turned the handle. Suprisingly, it opened. He held his sword out in front of him. He opened the door to the bedroom, wondering what could happen that would make a person make such a sound, filled with such pain. And when he had opened it, what he saw was really not what he had expected. A girl, with pale skin, curled into a ball, the bed sheets all messed up, and her nails digging into her arms, as she held herself, and thrashed about in her bed, and screamed.
"Hello? Who are you?" He said.
She awoke suddenly, and she jerked back, terror crossing her face.
The lamp on the locker by the bed suddenly smashed. The girl screamed and covered her face with her hands.

I woke suddenly. I looked up. There was a dark sillouhette standing against the door, and I mistook it for the same man from my dream. I was so scared I accidently smashed the lamp with my powers. I had done it again. I covered my face with my hands and began to rock back and forth, wishing that a hole would open up in the ground and swallow me.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Rues clothes.

 So these would be Rues trousers etc. Forgive my awkward knees.
And this would be her top. :)

And the girl in this picture, (is also my profile picture) This is kinda what Rue looks like. :)

I hope this gives you a clearer picture of what Rue looks like :)


So, this is my charater person thing, for the story thingymajiger thing people do in this bizarre world.


NAME: Rue Nightlocke

AGE: 14

GENDER: Female. I thought that would have been obvious..

PERSONALITY: Timid, anxious, oddly has strong opinions, nervous, slightly depressed.

HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown, almost black, messy hair down to her shoulders.

EYE COLOUR: Bluey grey.

HEIGHT: 5 foot 5

WEARS: Grey skinny jeans, folded up to her calf, with long black socks tucked under her jeans. Long grey top, converse shoes, black lacy gloves. (I will try to provide a pic soon)


HISTORY: When she was a young girl, a man of unspeakable evil murdered her whole family. She was forced to watch as he slowly and cruelly killed them, in his own disgustingly creative ways. In doing so, he had planted something inside of Rue, a rage that she has buried deep inside her, and a tendency to be terrified easily. Every night she is plagued by nightmares. She lives alone. She is afraid to let people near her, and she pushes away those that she loves, for fear of hurting them.

FAMILY: Deceased.

POWERS: Adept. Can move things with her mind, regardless of size or weight. She can also make things explode or smash by looking at them. She has the power to conjour up a curious navy blue energy force, which she can control.She is also psychic, and hears vioces in her head. She is the wielder of unthinkable power of which she has no control over.

OTHER SKILLS: She is quite handy with a knife, and enjoys knife throwing.

HATES: Being the center of attention, it makes her nervous and embaressed.

LIKES: Knife throwing, and her cat.

JOB: Works at her local library.

CURRENT LOCATION: She has an apartment on the outskirts of Dublin.

MODE OF TRANSPORATION: Well, she was given legs for a reason..But she has an old bicycle.

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her gloves. Her head. Her face.