Tuesday, 16 August 2011


So, this is my charater person thing, for the story thingymajiger thing people do in this bizarre world.


NAME: Rue Nightlocke

AGE: 14

GENDER: Female. I thought that would have been obvious..

PERSONALITY: Timid, anxious, oddly has strong opinions, nervous, slightly depressed.

HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown, almost black, messy hair down to her shoulders.

EYE COLOUR: Bluey grey.

HEIGHT: 5 foot 5

WEARS: Grey skinny jeans, folded up to her calf, with long black socks tucked under her jeans. Long grey top, converse shoes, black lacy gloves. (I will try to provide a pic soon)


HISTORY: When she was a young girl, a man of unspeakable evil murdered her whole family. She was forced to watch as he slowly and cruelly killed them, in his own disgustingly creative ways. In doing so, he had planted something inside of Rue, a rage that she has buried deep inside her, and a tendency to be terrified easily. Every night she is plagued by nightmares. She lives alone. She is afraid to let people near her, and she pushes away those that she loves, for fear of hurting them.

FAMILY: Deceased.

POWERS: Adept. Can move things with her mind, regardless of size or weight. She can also make things explode or smash by looking at them. She has the power to conjour up a curious navy blue energy force, which she can control.She is also psychic, and hears vioces in her head. She is the wielder of unthinkable power of which she has no control over.

OTHER SKILLS: She is quite handy with a knife, and enjoys knife throwing.

HATES: Being the center of attention, it makes her nervous and embaressed.

LIKES: Knife throwing, and her cat.

JOB: Works at her local library.

CURRENT LOCATION: She has an apartment on the outskirts of Dublin.

MODE OF TRANSPORATION: Well, she was given legs for a reason..But she has an old bicycle.

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her gloves. Her head. Her face.



  1. Awesome OC, Rue. Would you like me to post it on bio-rama for you?

  2. AWESOMESAUSE RUE! Amazing yet tragic OC. She better get used to HUGS!

  3. LOL I hope so!! Thank you guys so much for your comments! I think she needs some love, that girl!

  4. My profile picture, the girl in it, I was thinking that was kind of along the lines of what Rue looks like, but without the dress. Just the face.