Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Black Soul's Part Two (Fanfiction)

Okay, so I finally chose a name for my fanfiction, and I apoligise for how long it took for me to post this. Hope you like it.. 

I stood there, in the girl's room, frozen. The lamp had smashed, and it had not fallen. SHE had made it explode. She was a sorceror too. And as I looked at her for a second, sitting on her bed, looking slightly small, and weak, there was another smashing sound, except this time it wasn't any lamp. The glass from the window shattered, sprayed razor sharp shards of glass over the room.

I heard the window smash behind me, but for once it actually wasn't me who had smashed it. I whipped around, not knowing what to expect, when a dark mass flew at me, and knocked me off my bed. It was a wild creature, and as its jaws snapped at my throat I realise with a pang of terror that it was a vampyre. I kicked my two feet forward in an attempt to shove it off me, but it just swiped at my face, and I narrowly dodged its claws. I rolled to the left and tried to get up, but and dived on me, and this time its claws found my face and left three long gashes oozing blood. The Vampyre went to drink the blood from my cheek, but the boy who had burst into my room, unsheathed a sword, and slashed open the Vampyres back. It flopped to the ground, dead. I sat up gasping, and cupping my hand against my cheek to try to stem the flow of blood.
"Thank y-you.." I shivered violently, as I was in shock.
He nodded.
I stood in my room, with the glass and smashed lamp and dead vampyre, my knees almost buckling.
"I...I'm Rue. Rue Nightlocke." I said uncertainly, holding out my blood smudged hand.
"Gepard Valk." He stared at my hand for a minute, and then grasped it firmly, despite the blood.

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  1. Sorry for it being short and bad, I kinda rushed through it :L